Jagdpanzer IV Jagdpanther


  • Jagdpanther fahrgestell no.300099, hull no.300185, WTD 41, Trier, Germany. Built at Brandenburger Eisenwerke. Held by the Saumur tank tank museum as early as 1979 (prior history unknown), this tank sat in Saumurs "scrapyard"; it was painted with wavy camouflage and carried the number 232. It was taken to the German Army Ordinance installation in Darmstadt, Germany and restored to running condition starting in late 1986. It was displayed at WTS Koblenz for a while before finding its current home at WTD 41.
  • Jagdpanther fahrgestell no.303018, U.S. Army Center for Military History Storage Facility, Anniston, Alabama. Formerly at Aberdeen, Maryland, this tank has recently been moved to Anniston, Alabama. It is mostly cream colored, with small patches worn off the show the red primer underneath. It is in poor condition due to sitting outside for many years.
  • Jagdpanther, Saumur tank museum. Along with fahrgestell 300099 there was another Jagdpanther in Saumur's "scrapyard". While there is no direct link, the fact that Saumur has in its possesion a Jagdpanther can leave us to assume this is the same vehicle. It is restored and kept inside.


Number Built:

Hull Armor:

  • Front: 
  • Sides: 
  • Rear: 
  • Top:
  • Bottom:

Turret Armor:

  • Front: 
  • Mantlet: 
  • Sides:
  • Rear: 
  • Top: 


Suspension Type:


Top speed: 

Primary Weapon:

Secondary Weapon: 



Technical DataEdit

Length (Including Gun): 

Hull Length: 

Total Width: 

Total Height: 

Ground Clearance: 

Track Width: 

Ground Pressure: 


Speed, Road: 

Speed, Cross-Country: 

Range, Road: 

Range, Cross-Country: 


Side-Slope Performance: 

Trench Crossing Ability: 

Wall Climbing Ability: 

Fording Depth: