Not to be confused with the later Ausf. A (the sole difference being the capitalization of the letter A), the Ausf. a was the first version of the Panzer II to be built (albeit in limited numbers), and was subdivided into three sub-variants. The Ausf. a/1 was initially built with a cast idler wheel with rubber tire, but this was replaced after ten production examples with a welded part. The Ausf. a/2 improved engine access issues. The Ausf. a/3 included improved suspension and engine cooling. In general, the specifications for the Ausf. a models was similar, and a total of 75 were produced from May 1936 to February 1937 by Daimler-Benz and MAN. The Ausf.a was given the name 1.Serie LaS. 100.


Number Built: 25

Hull Armor:

  • Front: 13mm
  • Sides: 13mm
  • Rear: 13mm
  • Top: 8mm
  • Bottom: 5mm

Turret Armor:

  • Front: 13mm
  • Mantlet: 15mm
  • Sides: 13mm
  • Rear: 13mm
  • Top: 8mm

Weight: 16,755 lbs (7,600 kgs) ~8.37 tons

Suspension Type:

Engine: Maybach HL 57 TRM (130hp, Gasoline, 5.7 liter, Water-Cooled, V6)

Top speed: 24.9 mph (40 kph)

Primary Weapon: 2cm KwK 30 L/55 with 180 rounds

Secondary Weapon: 7.92mm MG 34 with 1,425 rounds


Crew: 3

Technical DataEdit

Length (Including Gun): 

Hull Length: 

Total Width: 

Total Height: 

Ground Clearance: 

Track Width: 

Ground Pressure: 


Speed, Road: 

Speed, Cross-Country: 

Range, Road: 

Range, Cross-Country: 


Side-Slope Performance: 

Trench Crossing Ability: 

Wall Climbing Ability: 

Fording Depth: