Panzer I Ausf.A


  • Panzer I Ausf.A. Originally at the Canadian War Museum, it was bought by the Collings Foundation. Whether this vehicle was sold or moved to the new location in Stow, Massachusetts is unknown.


Number Built: Sources differ from 300 to 833

Hull Armor:

  • Front: 8-13mm
  • Sides: 13-14.5mm
  • Rear: 13mm
  • Top: 8mm
  • Bottom: 5mm

Turret Armor:

  • Front: 14mm
  • Mantlet: 15mm
  • Sides: 13mm
  • Rear: 13mm
  • Top: 8mm

Weight: 11,905 lbs (5,400 kgs) ~5.95 tons

Suspension Type:

Engine: Krupp M 305 (60hp, Gasoline, 3.5 liter, Air-Cooled, V4)

Top speed: 23.3 mph (37.5 kph)

Primary Weapon: (2x) 7.92mm MG 13k with 2,250 rounds

Secondary Weapon: None


Crew: 2

Technical DataEdit

Length (Including Gun): 13ft 2.27in (4020mm)

Hull Length: 13ft 2.27in (4020mm)

Total Width: 6ft 9.09in (2060mm)

Total Height: 5ft 7.71in (1720mm)

Ground Clearance: 11.61in (295mm)

Track Width: 11.02in (280mm)

Ground Pressure: 5.8 psi (0.04 MPa)

Transmission: ZF F.G.35 (5+R)

Speed, Road: 23.3 mph (37.5 kph)

Speed, Cross-Country: 7.5 mph (12 kph)

Range, Road: 87 mi (140 km)

Range, Cross-Country: 57.8 mi (93 km)

Gradeability: 67% / 30°

Side-Slope Performance: unknown

Trench Crossing Ability: 55.1in (1.4m / 1400mm)

Wall Climbing Ability: 14.6in (0.37m / 370mm)

Fording Depth: 23.6in (0.6m / 600mm)