Panzer I Ausf.C
The Panzer I Ausf.C, was designed jointly between Krauss-Maffei and Daimler-Benz in 1939 to provide an amply armored and armed reconnaissance light tank. The Ausf.C boasted a completely new chassis and turret, a modern torsion-bar suspension and five interleaved roadwheels. It also had a maximum armor thickness of 30 millimeters (1.18 in), over twice that of either the Ausf.A or B, and was armed with a 7.92mm EW 141 semi autocannon firing 7.92×94 mm ammo. And at least one was built with a 2cm Flak 38. Forty of these tanks were produced, along with six prototypes. Two tanks were deployed to 1 Panzer Division in 1943, and the other thirty-eight were deployed to the LVIII Panzer Reserve Corps during the Normandy landings.


Number Built: 4-6 Prototypes, and 40 Production Tanks

Hull Armor:

  • Front: 20-30mm
  • Upper Sides: 20mm
  • Lower Sides: 14.5mm + 5.5mm
  • Rear: 10-14.5-20mm
  • Top: 10mm
  • Bottom: 5mm

Turret Armor:

  • Front: 30mm
  • Sides: 14.5mm
  • Rear: 14.5mm
  • Top: 10mm

Weight: 17,637 lbs (8,000 kgs) ~8.8 tons

Suspension Type:

Engine: Maybach HL 45 P (150hp, Gasoline, 4.678 liter, Liquid-Cooled, V6)

Top speed: 49.1 mph (79 kph)

Primary Weapon: 7.92mm EW 141

Secondary Weapon: 7.92mm MG 34 with 2,100 rounds


Crew: 2

Technical DataEdit

Length (Including Gun): 13ft 9.15in (4195mm)

Hull Length: 

Total Width: 6ft 4.76in (1950mm)

Total Height: 6ft 4.56in (1945mm)

Ground Clearance: 8.86in (225mm)

Track Width: 11.42in (290mm)

Ground Pressure: 11.6 psi (0.08 MPa)

Transmission: VG 15319 (8+R)

Speed, Road: 49.1 mph (79 kph)

Speed, Cross-Country: 21.7 mph (35 kph)

Range, Road: 186.4 mi (300 km)

Range, Cross-Country: 118.1 mi (190 km)

Gradeability: 100% / 45°

Side-Slope Performance: unknown

Trench Crossing Ability: 47.2in (1.2m / 1200mm)

Wall Climbing Ability: 11.8in (0.3m / 300mm)

Fording Depth: 30.9in (0.785m / 785mm)